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Core team

Implied Logic continues a tradition of first-class STEM support

Our head office is in Cambridge, UK. The core team is complemented by three out-sourced functions (server infrastructure, serviced office, and payroll/accounts). An additional expert is retained in Wellington, New Zealand, significantly increasing the geographical and temporal availability of our support.

Robin Bailey, Managing Director, ‘Mr STEM’

Robin is one of the lead architects of the STEM software, and his regular contact with service providers and equipment vendors allows him to maintain the flexible, decision-support systems required in the telecoms industry today. He has 20 years of experience of training both colleagues and clients in a variety of workshop and critical support situations.

In his former role at Analysys Mason, as well as gaining a deep understanding of accounting practice, Robin acquired an encyclopaedic knowledge of back-office automation and manageable web-development techniques, both skillsets which are evident in our internal systems today and our future vision of STEM Online. Fortunately he was born with a fanatical eye for detail!

Robin is that rare combination of engineer and communicator: if it moves, he will be the first to work out how, and thereafter to elaborate and share this knowledge for the wider good. Robin has degrees in mathematics from both the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and writes songs for full music production for fun when not otherwise busy with his large family (and even larger family of STEM enthusiasts worldwide).

“I take great professional pride in maintaining a direct connection between our sales and development activities, indeed in more or less living that role, hence my more informal title.”

Michael Waterman, Expert Practitioner and Support Engineer

Michael Waterman has been working with the STEM software for around twenty years, originally as a client at Telecom New Zealand, and then in a variety of consulting roles, mostly for Network Strategies Ltd., after a one-year stint with Analysys in the mid-90s. Mike’s experience includes business planning, cost modelling and technology decision making, as well as sub-contracting STEM training assignments around the world.

Due to his close association with the STEM development team, Mike has often been an alpha-tester for significant new features, and has also been involved in the development of numerous advanced modelling techniques and reference models. Mike has recently completed a PhD in software engineering at the Victoria University of Wellington and currently provides part-time support and training activities for Implied Logic.

“I have helped clients in five continents realise their modelling ambitions faster than they could believe possible. STEM defines a universal modelling experience which transcends conventional language barriers.”

Tomáš Chrien, Software Developer

Tomáš joined Implied Logic on 01 October 2013. He has an MSc in Computing from Imperial College, London and is particularly interested in technology and problem solving.

Tomáš’s responsibilities at Implied Logic include client support and taking part in the development process, from feature design to implementation and testing.

“I am excited to work on continuously evolving software and to see my work actively improving the experience of our clients.”

Beth Stevens, Editor

Beth has a first-class degree in biological natural sciences from the University of Cambridge, and had a first career in genetic research of plant–pathogen interactions. Since having a break to raise a family, she has worked in an editorial capacity for the Society for Reproduction and Fertility and for Abcam.

Beth is now responsible for the content, presentation and consistency of Implied Logic’s technical documentation, including the STEM user guide, online help and training course material (not to mention this website), which all benefit from her rapid reading and comprehension, sharp eye and scientific background.

“I have a very busy family life away from the office, so it is a welcome change to work in a calm and disciplined environment where our attention to detail is of great importance to our clients.”

STEM User Group Meeting 2016
05–06 October, King’s College, Cambridge, UK

Our 21st business-modelling event featured a reference framework for modelling the IT value-chain in a web-scale enterprise, as well as a menu of operational tasks around SDN/NFV written on a matrix of skillsets and pay grades.

View the proceedings

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