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STEM is purpose-built as a flexible and robust platform for the economic modelling of networks.

The following pages describe a range of applications which demonstrate end-to-end modelling for both service providers and vendors.

Business models for solution marketing

Leading vendors are using models created with STEM (Strategic Telecoms Evaluation Model) to communicate the economic value of their solutions.

Quick and easy business-case evaluation

In today’s constantly changing technology environment, there is a real business imperative to perform rapid and reliable evaluations of new service concepts, and to be able to readily adapt such business cases to changing market conditions and emerging vendor solutions.

Network-transformation modelling

Technology does not stand still, and nor can service-provider business models. Services may evolve through network cannibalisation in the short term, but leaps in functionality and core replacement make wide-ranging network transformation projects inevitable.

Service costing and profitability analysis

Every responsible carrier business must measure the unit costs of the services it provides as a critical benchmark for determining a pricing strategy for long-term survival.

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