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Example models

A number of case studies illustrate how STEM can be applied to a wide range of fixed and mobile technologies.

Run-time copies of these reference models can be downloaded on request to run on your own desktop, complete with comprehensive documentation.

ADSL roll-out by a competitive operator

Measuring the economic potential of ADSL

Next generation access costing ‘without a map’

Evaluating the cost of deploying VDSL connectivity with feeder fibre or a complete GPON solution for FTTH

Calculating economic depreciation for regulatory accounts

Depreciation which considers the economic value of assets is widely used in cost models supporting the regulation of markets for telecommunications

Migrating separate voice and data services to a common NGN platform

A scaleable methodology for modelling diverse network architectures

Increasing market share with Voice over LTE

Comparing the benefits of being the first mover in a market to adopt VoLTE with the disadvantages of being the last mover

Increasing cable bandwidth to retain high-value customers

Capital investment in local transmission infrastructure may help a cable-network operator to secure future Internet revenues

The energy-efficient light-bulb moment

Most individuals or households have considered whether to leave old-fashioned light bulbs in operation or replace them with energy-saving LED lights.

Service costing in a metro network

Comparing the costs of different bandwidth routes on a MAN

Equipment sharing in a UMTS roll-out

Adding data revenues in transition from GSM to UMTS

Mobile data coverage in hot-spots

Wiring ‘hot-spot’ areas with WiFi (802.11b) access points

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