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STEM readily handles the most extensive and intricate models with the same process which can kick-start models in minutes.

STEM is used by operators, vendors and enterprise users to model service-level requirements for networks and to calculate the financial implications of different technology or roll-out scenarios going forward. STEM also features an integrated cost-allocation function which supports detailed profitability analysis at the service level. For an equipment vendor, STEM adds great value for marketing and business development units as a persuasive medium for communicating equipment sales propositions.

Acknowledging the limitations of spreadsheet models, many telecoms operators and equipment vendors have adopted the established STEM modelling process as the industry standard. Recognised by the ITU, and with over 20 years of industry exposure, STEM combines a graphical representation of your network business with end-to-end financial calculations, in a single package.

Business modelling process

How often have you started a ‘back of envelope’ analysis of a new business opportunity, spent a fortnight getting the logic right and adding a range of essential financial outputs, only to have a colleague (or even a client) spot a trivial error?

Flexible tools for network-economics analysis

The process of creating a model already provides significant insights, but far more value is realised through the processing and comparison of results of a wide range of input scenarios and sensitivities.

Expert features for professional network modelling

STEM is the tool of choice for any project requiring ultra-detailed financial reporting or node-level technical analysis.

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