Continuing a tradition of first-class STEM support

21 June 2010

On Friday 18 June 2010, Implied Logic acquired the STEM business-modelling software for networks from Analysys Mason Ltd. (AML), which had developed and marketed the accelerated financial modelling tool since it was conceived by original Analysys founder, Dr David Cleevely, and colleagues in the late 80s.

Robin Bailey, Managing Director of the newly formed Implied Logic Limited, informally known as ‘Mr STEM’, and former Head of the Decision Systems Group within AML which championed STEM for the last ten years, says, “I am delighted to be able to give our existing customers priority attention in the new business, and to have this opportunity to transform the market positioning of the STEM product. For too long, our established modelling process has been the exclusive preserve of Analysys Mason consultants, a few external associates who knew me personally, and a loyal audience of qualified staff within operators and vendors worldwide.

Now this is all set to change, with the last competitive barrier to establishing new channel partners being removed. While the new company will continue to offer the same range of training and expert modelling services as we have under the AML brand in the past, our focus will be on the product and support organisation. We will look to an increasing number of consultant partners to identify client opportunities in local markets, and in many cases for them to promote STEM-based solutions in business planning, budgeting and profitability analysis. This activity will build on and widen the tool’s existing reputation for transparency and reliability and lead to increased adoption and more prevalent usage in telecoms, energy, and other sectors.”

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