STEM business-modelling software for industry

STEM enables a more productive way of working, a direct path to results and a modelling style which is adaptable by design.

Our STEM modelling software is a professional tool which generates rapid financial insights with integrity. The STEM modelling process imposes a discipline suitable to illuminate the revenue and cost dynamics of business situations in any industry.


STEM is designed specifically for the agile development of business models that must be regularly adapted to match the evolving shape of an operator’s revenues and costs. The established STEM modelling process lets you focus on the network configuration and business dynamics while STEM manages the integrity of the underlying calculations.


STEM automatically generates a demand and cost allocation framework, geographical variants and scenarios, and calculates consistent service revenues, equipment installation, utilisation and replacement, capex and opex. Hundreds of results are delivered through an integrated charting interface, which can drill down into individual elements, revenues and costs. STEM includes parameters for working capital, tax and interest, borrowing and equity, and provides full profit and loss, cashflow and balance sheet outputs.

Example models

STEM is a robust and efficient platform for creating business and investment plans which embrace alternative market, technical and economic futures. A number of case studies illustrate how STEM can be applied to a wide range of fixed and mobile technologies.


STEM is purpose-built as a flexible and robust platform for the economic modelling of networks. Various packages are available according to the depth of analysis required and the appropriate distribution model for the intended audience.  Read about our training and support services.

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STEM User Group Meeting 2016
05–06 October, King’s College, Cambridge, UK

Our 21st business-modelling event featured a reference framework for modelling the IT value-chain in a web-scale enterprise, as well as a menu of operational tasks around SDN/NFV written on a matrix of skillsets and pay grades.

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The new and integrated documentation web for STEM combines serial user-guide and context-sensitive help functions.

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