STEM User Group Meeting 2013 proceedings

31 October 2013

The 18th annual STEM User Group Meeting was co-presented for the first time by Frank HAUPT and Robin BAILEY, and welcomed new hire and Graduate Developer, Tomas CHRIEN.

Our regular event in October at King’s College in Cambridge, UK, is a highlight of the year as it brings together clients and other experts from diverse organisations across several continents, and facilitates a frank and inspired dialogue which directly informs our ongoing product development.

BuyIn    Cognima    Qlik Tech
Chemnitz University of Technology    Implied Logic    Queen Mary, University of London
Ciena    Investaura    Welsh Government
Cisco    Juniper    Yota

Figure 1: Organisations represented at the STEM User Group Meeting in 2013

The two days were dominated by new modelling topics and solutions in the showcase sessions on NGA, VoLTE and Cable, as well as an interactive workshop entitled Exploring the value chain for a cloud email provider.

The house sessions were complemented by guest presentations on:

The remaining sessions covered:

  • a platform update on the forthcoming STEM version 7.4, including a new Straight Line time-series type and three new, shorter time-period aware transformation types, Previous, Delta and Cumulative Sum
  • a one-hour ‘tutorial demo’ and impromptu technical discussion
  • a final technical showcase on issues – better explained in the slides – including constrained capacity, maximum utilisation per-site, and last year’s leaky reservoir re-visited.

The full proceedings of the event are now available for download from the panel to the immediate right of this article. (A one-time registration is required.)

Figure 2: Illustration of Implied Logic activities

Implied Logic’s limited-edition Tablet HD device was presented to all user-group delegates as a thank you for attending. Sadly we have no plans to ship any further units.

STEM User Group Meeting 2013 proceedings
02–03 October, King’s College, Cambridge, UK

The full proceedings of the event are now available, including all of the STEM models presented in the modelling track sessions.

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