STEM User Group Meeting 2014 proceedings

07 November 2014

Our annual event in October at King’s College in Cambridge, UK, was focused around the forthcoming STEM 7.4 software release and facilitated an intimate and rich discussion between Implied Logic staff and the cross-section of operator, vendor and consultant modellers present on a broad range of industry status and technical how-to topics.

Aetha Consulting Cisco Juniper
Chemnitz University of Technology Cognima Sprint
Ciena Implied Logic SynergyTech Ltd

Figure 1: Organisations represented at the STEM User Group Meeting in 2014

Robin Bailey presented a detailed introduction to the rich feature-set of the new STEM version 7.4 in the What’s new and Tutorial demo sessions, including a look at the impact of new features for Fixed and variable overhead capacity per site. Frank Haupt balanced this platform showcase with two more topical and application-focused sessions on Risk analysis and optimisation and Calculating economic depreciation for regulatory accounts (as per our recent example model).

These perspectives were complemented by three guest presentations or talks on:

  • How to build and manage a large STEM model for LTE networks [Technical University of Chemnitz]
  • Levering eSTEM in the sales force [Ciena]
  • Modelling of future options for service providers [Juniper].

The intended interactive modelling exercise exploring the economics of an online retailer was too huge to brainstorm from scratch in the time available and turned into more of an extended exposition on the (to some) almost magical process of taking a real world situation and structuring it into a credible and effective business model. As the separate article shows, the web presence for a specific niche EUR100m Shopping in the cloud business could be run on just 29 shopping servers and 13 checkout servers.

The event closed with the usual Future development clinic discussion of the latest technical imperatives. This session also served as a training update on the new ODBC and Excel external interfaces with STEM 7.4, as well as its new capability to deliver tornado charts in Excel and on the web. For some of our users, face-to-face interaction with our great development team is one of the compelling attractions of the user-group event.

The full proceedings of the event are now available for download from the panel to the immediate right of this article. (A one-time registration is required.)

07–08 October 2015 will see the 20th annual STEM User Group Meeting; please keep these dates free and look out for the announcement in our April newsletter!

STEM User Group Meeting 2014 proceedings
01–02 October, King’s College, Cambridge, UK

The full proceedings of the event are now available, including all of the STEM models presented in the modelling track sessions.

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