STEM User Group Meeting 2016

19 May 2016

Have you wondered about the best way to visualise and evaluate the cost structure of a data centre which provides multiple, virtualised platforms and services ranging from SaaS to PaaS and IaaS (and pretty much anything else you need nowadays aaS)?

Do you know that, in the era of SDN/NFV, service-provider business models are now all about tasks, learning, automation and human-resource management (if it wasn’t ever thus)?

At the annual STEM User Group Meeting in October 2016 we will present reference models which illustrate both these topics with end-to-end calculations from customers, traffic density and revenue through to server load, location, capex and opex, plus the impact of potential failure scenarios.

The format will be interactive and the audience encouraged to critique our approach. Given the usual international mix of service-provider and vendor clients, the dialogue will be both informed and robust. We will not be shy to iterate the structure and assumptions of these models in real-time, given the flexibility, reliability and workshop-readiness of the underlying STEM visual software for the reliable modelling of business.

Wednesday 05 October 2016    Thursday 06 October 2016
A reference framework for modelling the IT value-chain in a web-scale enterprise Tutorial modelling challenge: diving into the most popular topics suggested by the audience
A menu of operational tasks around SDN/NFV written on a matrix of skillsets and pay grades Pre-run installation of consumable resources and other examples of extreme detail ‘sorted’
Guest presentations: we invite speakers to share their recent modelling experiences Cloud II and operational tasks II: see how our models respond to the rough and tumble of iteration
Top-up training and collective feedback forum on the recently released STEM version 7.5 A halfway house to charts in the Editor and other delights in our regular, future development clinic
GALA DINNER at King’s College Informal meal at Robin’s favourite pizza restaurant

Figure 1: Provisional programme for the STEM User Group Meeting 2016

The 21st STEM User Group Meeting will be held in the scholarly atmosphere of King’s College, Cambridge, UK, on Wednesday–Thursday 05–06 October 2016. The event is a unique opportunity to meet and compare notes with leading users of the STEM modelling software, and to witness its well-tested and compelling application to topical problems first hand.

Formal and more detailed invitations will be sent out in June but you are more than welcome to register in advance. There is no charge for the event itself, but delegates are required to meet their own travel and hotel expenses. Accommodation can be scarce in this popular university town, so book early to avoid disappointment.

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