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Tenth Anniversary User Group Meeting

30 October 2005

40 operator and vendor clients from four continents attended the Tenth Anniversary STEM User Group Meeting, 21–22 September, at Jesus College in Cambridge, UK. A range of presentations covered topics including service-profitability analysis and planning models for NGN and HSDPA.

ABeam Consulting
ADC Services
Allied Telesyn
Broadband Access Strategies
BT Global Services
Huawei Technologies
Juniper Networks
Mason Communications
Sistema Telecom
SK Telecom
Telekom Serbia
Telkom SA
Welsh Assembly Government


Please register to download the presentation material from the event and the external material for which we have permission to distribute.

Network transformation and new services on a converged network

The dominant theme of the event was planning for next generation networks (NGN). The first session examined a scaleable methodology for modelling cost implications of the migration of separate voice and data services to a common IP platform. A follow-up interactive workshop then explored the business case for incremental video-on-demand services, modelled as a direct extension of the existing NGN framework.

Incremental business case for NGN migration with/without video-on-demand

Business-case planning and cost-allocation

Two guest presentations demonstrated two complementary functions of STEM, from its role as a demand-driven model for business planning through to its integrated service-level cost-allocation which supports detailed customer profitability analysis:

  • Evaluating designs for public sector and rural networks – Paul Kindred, Welsh Assembly Government
  • Service cost modelling for networks – Frank Haupt, ADC Services.

Vendor sales tools

Another dominant theme was a number of STEM models built by vendors to demonstrate the economic value of various technology solutions:

  • Business model for HSDPA – Peter Lazzaro, Ericsson
  • Incorporating STEM into an overall value proposition – Ruth Chatterton, Juniper Networks
  • Home entertainment service model with sensitivity analysis – Manfred Illenberger, Siemens
  • Sales tool for managed communication services – Ross MacKinnon, Alcatel.

Robin Bailey from Analysys rounded off the event with two STEM master classes:

  • Keeping a grip on complexity – combining scenarios, templates and sensitivities
  • Packaging run-time STEM models – creating custom Excel interfaces for STEM.

The sessions introduced in passing two new STEM features, an integrated sensitivity analysis tool, and an Excel link generator which will massively simplify the process of exporting links from STEM to Excel.

Tornado chart with six parameters

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