Video commentaries and tutorial demos

31 January 2016

A video is worth a 1000 static images!

Implied Logic has decided to produce video commentaries for the STEM business-modelling software to share with clients. This project started off as a way of sharing unscripted design notes and ideas internally, allowing time-shifted working and reducing face-to-face meeting time, and has proved so successful that a decision has now been made to develop training and promotional videos for a wider audience.

The next phase will incorporate short, targeted videos into our existing documentation online – a single short video is an extremely effective way of explaining ‘how to’ functionality such as connecting elements, or to demonstrate progression through a multi-step procedure.

Each video will feature a STEM software screen, together with a ‘full size’ talking head to maximise engagement with the audience through facial expression and gesture, thereby avoiding the stereotypical ‘talking head in a box’ familiar from two-way online-conferencing systems.

We hope you will enjoy this introductory video.

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