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Open training in September

30 July 2006

Our open-training initiative continued in May with another successful five-day course in Cambridge, UK.

Attendees from two incumbent operators were able to benefit from our usual combination – structured exercises followed by a workshop on a topic of mutual interest – at a fraction of the usual cost. The topic of choice was the migration of a TDM network to a next-generation network (NGN).

The next open-training session (also in Cambridge) is planned as two days’ basic training, 14–15 September, and then a two-day workshop, 18–19 September, immediately before the STEM User Group Meeting, 20–21 September 2006. New users may get more out of the User Group with the benefit of the open training first.

There is no charge for the User Group, besides your travel and accommodation costs. At GBP1250 per head for the open training, this could be cheaper than a bespoke course. Please contact Implied Logic for more details.

Training workshop on migration to NGN

During a five-day open training session, attendees from Saudi Telecom and Telkom South Africa learnt about the functionality of the STEM business-modelling software for networks, and developed advanced business-planning skills with the help of a specialist STEM consultant.

The session began with a two-day basic training following structured exercises to master the basics of STEM. The structured exercises, detailed in a course book, are designed to introduce the fundamentals of STEM in a way that builds knowledge step by step and is easy to understand.

Then, in a three-day workshop, the attendees specified and built a fully fledged model simulating the migration of a TDM network (carrying voice, DSL Internet access and IPTV) to a NGN. The economics of migrating the distinct TDM voice and data traffic onto a single NGN infrastructure were clearly highlighted.

“I think STEM can help us to anticipate the business trend and impacts of any change in network on our business” – Majed Al Salem, Engineer, Saudi Telecom

“The training covered all the basics of using STEM, but was also an opportunity to discuss and experiment with techniques that I will be able to use to build more complex models” – Adrian Bartel, Specialist: Network & Business Models (INP), Telkom South Africa

Outline of the workshop model.

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