STEM 7.5 into extra time

31 January 2016

The original aim was to release STEM 7.5 by the beginning of January 2016, but this proved to be unrealistic in practice.

Many new Editor features have been implemented, including the long-desired new zoom functionality, autosave and recovery, and Find and Replace. Similarly, the new model engine extensions such as smarter equipment migration, parallel processing of scenarios and automated upload for eSTEM are all working well.

However, these features cannot be released in isolation and the reality is that we underestimated the sheer scale and complexity of the reimagined results experience. The main functionality is already working, much of the documentation is already written, but some ‘corner functionalities’ are not yet complete, and there are some unforeseen user-interface interaction ambiguities to resolve.

We expect the specification to be realised by the end of February 2016, but STEM 7.5 won’t be released until we are happy with its quality, reliability and finality. However, we are confident that the final product will be worth the wait!

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