STEM User Group Meeting 2003

30 April 2003

You are cordially invited to join us for the Eighth Annual STEM User Group Meeting, which will be held on 16–18 September 2003 in the traditional surroundings of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, UK. The focus on training and general modelling insight is greater than ever, with an extended interactive modelling workshop over three sessions, separate presentations on technical and opex modelling, and an introduction to the forthcoming STEM version 7.0.

The interactive workshop will examine the business case for VoIP in the core network and will serve as a good example for new and existing customers alike of how STEM can model the complexities of transitional technology, from service definition and infrastructure design right through to the business outputs which determine strategic decision-making. The event as a whole provides a great opportunity to meet and learn from other STEM users. The first day’s proceedings will be rounded off with a Gala Dinner in the Wordsworth Room at St John’s College.

Date Sessions
16 September
  • Interactive modelling exercise on VoIP – first session
  • Preview of the new features of STEM 7.0
  • Approaches to modelling opex
  • Enhanced formatting of views, graphs and tables
17 September
  • Price Manager for the wireless world
  • Interactive modelling exercise on VoIP – second session
  • Approaches to modelling 3G equipment upgrades
  • Cost allocation under the microscope
18 September
  • A new look at economies-of-scale and finance schedules
  • Interactive modelling exercise on VoIP – third session

Provisional agenda

We are still reviewing this agenda and would welcome your feedback on which items you would find the most interesting. Note: in a change from previous events, this year’s User Group runs Tuesday–Thursday.

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