STEM is freely available for simulations on relevant topics from courses in business economics and engineering finance.

Students of many disciplines are expected to acquire at least a working knowledge of business modelling and finance to equip them for commercial realities later on, from an understanding of revenue and capex/opex through to structuring a business plan and exploring/comparing strategic alternatives. STEM’s rich feature-set and comprehensive public documentation will enable you to explore the most important business concepts from your studies and focus on the meaning and lessons learned rather than the implementation.

The following headings will be expanded as separate pages shortly.

Economic principles in ten elements

Our free STEM demo software is sufficient for students to explore many important concepts in modules on business finance. Syllabus owners may develop their own course materials and exercises based around discrete model fragments that illustrate individual topics.

Educational group subscription

An affordable subscription for the fully-fledged C-STEM software is available if your foundation activities stimulate interest in more ambitious modelling objectives (e.g., as a final-year project, or even to support master’s/doctoral research).

Inter-newsletter ideas competition

Win a first-year group subscription for the most interesting modelling idea received in a quarter.

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