Soft licensing

Soft licences are provided as an alternative STEM authorisation mechansim to the traditional USB or parallel dongles.

If you are registered in our database as a current user, then you can establish a renewable, fixed-term soft licence via the Internet from the STEM Model Editor.

How to request a soft licence

First download STEM, and then install the software by running SETUP.EXE from within the zip file.

Then to authorise the system:

  1. In the STEM Editor, go to the Key menu and select Check Soft Licensing...
  2. Enter the serial number and email details provided by Implied Logic.
  3. Press the ‘Request Key’ button. This sends a request for a new licence key to us via the Internet. If you need authorisation to get out from behind a firewall or proxy, it will ask for your user name and password.
  4. If the request succeeds, an email containing the key will have been emailed to you. Copy and paste the key string from the email into the indicated Licence Key edit box, and press the Authorise Key button. You should now have a valid licence.
  5. If there’s a problem, a message box will give information why. If the problem can't be fixed, email the details to Support. (<Alt+PrintScrn> will capture a picture of the dialog, or <Ctrl+C> will, more economically, just copy the text.)

Copying the text with <Ctrl+C> is more helpful for our support staff as the details can then be copied directly from an email.

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