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Known issues and workarounds

STEM undergoes rigorous testing before being released to customers. However, problems will occasionally slip through. Prompt feedback from users helps us to keep STEM reliable and up to date.

Whenever a bug is reported, or an enhancement is suggested, an internal reference code is assigned to help us keep track of work in progress. If a problem prevents you from working on a STEM model, we will implement and dispatch a solution as a matter of urgency.

Where a problem is obscure or readily avoidable, we will post details on this page, including any recommended workaround. Official maintenance releases include properly tested fixes to all known significant problems and are announced in our quarterly newsletters.

Internal reference codes are shown alongside the notes below. If you have any queries about any of these problems, please contact Support, quoting the relevant code(s).

ID Description

Issue: details.

Advice: workaround.

No current issues reported as at 30 April 2013

Please check back regularly for news of the latest issues or opt-in to our direct notification email list which will be used to announce any forthcoming maintenance releases, as well as to forward moderated tips from other users.

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