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STEM 7.3

31 July 2012

Major release

STEM 7.3 is not characterised by one central feature as much as a raft of subtle refinements all intended to make STEM more welcoming and easier to learn. It also lays a proper foundation for the modelling of aggregate demands (flows or operational events) and consumable resources (including suitable accounting for stock) and puts the automatic generation of Internet-enabled Web GUIs in the hands of regular STEM users.

The principal changes in functionality for STEM 7.3 compared to the previous version 7.2 are described in a standalone What’s new in STEM 7.3 guide. This is installed as part of the final STEM 7.3 software installation and may also be downloaded directly from the panel accompanying this article. (You will need to complete a one-off registration form if this is your first download.)

STEM 7.3 is fully compatible with models created in version 7.2, but models saved with STEM 7.3 cannot be read by STEM 7.2 or earlier versions. STEM 7.3 is superseded by the STEM 7.3d maintenance release.

STEM 7.3d installer

Registered licensees with a current maintenance contract can download the appropriate C-STEM or D-STEM 7.3d installer.

Download now: C-STEM 7.3D-STEM 7.3

What's new in STEM 7.3

Read all about the latest enhancements and learn more about aggregate handling.

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