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STEM 7.2

14 October 2009

Major release

STEM 7.2 includes the following new features, in addition to numerous background enhancements, with an overriding objective to make the software easier to learn by targeting known barriers:

  • A re-designed Click and click again toolbar allows newly-created model elements to be positioned directly by moving the cursor and then clicking again
  • A new Connection tool provides a more intuitive and visual method of linking elements [than the obscure Ctrl-drag-and-drop method], coupled with a simpler interface for connecting Transformation inputs
  • A new Text Box tool allows you to add headings and explanatory notes alongside the icons in a view (‘free text in views’), making the principles of a model more evident to colleagues and clients
  • A new Results export wizard enables you to link STEM results data into Excel charts with just a few clicks, creating an Excel workbook from the data in selected charts or results views in STEM
  • A new Auto-column format option (for new charts of aggregate results such as traffic volume, revenue, capex and opex) overrides the standard line format with overlapping columns (for multiple scenarios, results or elements) or stacked columns (for one result over multiple elements). 

This release is fully compatible with models created in version 7.1, but models saved with STEM 7.2 cannot be read by STEM 7.1 or earlier versions. STEM 7.2 is now superseded by the STEM 7.2d maintenance release.

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