Bespoke web software development

With a few critical exceptions, Implied Logic has mostly created all of its own technology. The STEM model Editor and engine are almost entirely proprietary, as are our eSTEM web interfaces, the logic used to generate them and the server-side stack to run them. Our websites run on a content management system (CMS) that we built ourselves and the only aspect of our online store which we leave to a third party is the payment layer.

We are well-versed in the latest web development techniques and have relevant experience working both directly with clients and in partnerships with other digital agencies where we have consistently demonstrated a commanding knowledge of our field.

Our Enterprise STEM (eSTEM) software creates very consistent interfaces by design. You have complete control over the content and can configure the colour palette, choice of fonts and so on. However, the eSTEM service has a publicly documented API which facilitates interaction with any other compatible front-end that you might imagine.

To this end, we are pleased to offer our services to create something a bit special for your particular web application, or to act as technical partner for any other established digital agency that you might prefer to work with. You can see our indicative rates in our online store.

Case study

  • For a global equipment vendor and household name, Implied Logic has run a series of STEM training and modelling sessions for new employees and additional teams to combine regular skills transfer with fresh input into their latest modelling challenges. The client uses our hosted eSTEM service to make economic-value models widely available to a distributed sales force and to targeted clients via public registration. Third-party web designers have been involved in developing a very specific look and feel for their eSTEM–based tools. In addition to the regular application-level support for the hosted STEM platform, Implied Logic also provides bespoke software development services to ensure that the actual operation of these custom interfaces matches the end-users’ expectations.

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