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STEM-based solutions in business planning, budgeting and profitability analysis benefit from the wider range of disciplines and experience offered by our international consulting partners.

We have eschewed the traditional sales-partner model – where local IT companies may hope to use their geographical influence to earn commission on local software sales without necessarily acquiring sufficient familiarity or skill with the software to know how or where to recommend it – in favour of an approach which empowers and encourages all STEM users to share their skills and experience with the wider community.

Watch this space for details of a bilateral referral programme which will release an equal repeat-subscription discount to both influencer and follower whenever a new user acknowledges an influencer when signing up. This will encourage the existing user to spread the word about their experiences with STEM and motivate the new user to claim their matching benefit and ensure that the influencer is actually rewarded.

We welcome enquiries from suitably qualified and experienced consultants with similar ambitions to our existing partners listed below.

Network Strategies

Network Strategies’ core business is to bring clarity and understanding to business planning in a converging communications world that is complex, competitive and fast-changing. Where long-term success depends on backing inspired ideas, decision-makers need the right tools to build robust business and investment plans that embrace alternative market, technical and economic futures.

For investment valuation, business planning, regulatory costing or technology evaluation, rigorous analysis and deep market knowledge are crucial to developing a decision framework and exploring the implications of potential outcomes. Network Strategies’ unique blend of business experience and techno-economic qualifications delivers quality solutions that are highly valued by clients.

With over 15 years experience in supporting STEM users around the globe, Network Strategies offers a complete advisory service, from model development to user training.

“Our deep understanding of all aspects of the telecoms business enables us to identify the key issues facing our clients and devise robust, yet practical, tools that meet their ongoing needs for strategic analysis and decision-making.” – Dr Suella Hansen, Director

Location: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom


entellgenio GmbH, based in Munich and addressing predominantly the European market, is a consultancy firm that specialises in supporting the management of long-term infrastructure such as grids in the utility sector (electricity, gas, water and district heating). Its focus is on business simulation and optimisation (based on the Business Simulation Framework software) and general consulting in ‘infrastructure business’ (strategic business modelling, benchmarking, control and governance concepts, carbon impact analysis). entellgenio is listed as a very active consultancy firm in the utility market (E&M, 15 December 2010, page 18).

Project topics include helping customers to achieve sustainable long term asset investment and maintenance strategies, and to identify synergies among several infrastructures including but not limited to broadband access. entellgenio works regularly with tier-one utility companies in Europe and also with telecommunications companies.

“We see significant opportunities to identify infrastructure synergies, in particular applying broadband access in the utility sector. entellgenio aims to evaluate and communicate these synergies using STEM. STEM is a leading edge software for investment appraisal.” — Achim Helferich, Managing Consultant

Location: Munich, Frankfurt

TOB Consulting

TOB (Telecom Operations & Business) Consulting Company Ltd. provides business and ICT training and consulting services:

  • for business, this means a combination of strategic management – including business plan development and corporate culture – and operational management: training needs assessment (TNA), finance and accounting, HR, marketing (including consumer behaviour analysis), new product development, business operations and process design, information and knowledge management, change and risk management, leadership and management skill development
  • for ICT, this encompasses infrastructure strategy, planning and development; operations support (contract fulfilment, quality assurance and billing), CRM, service and networks management and operations, and supplier/partner relationship management; and enterprise management similar to the business topics above.

TOB’s consultants include renowned international academic experts who can draw on over 20 years’ experience in ICT and telecommunications R&D, consulting, and training. Specific engagements include telecoms network design and optimisation, modelling and analysis of mobile, wireless, ad-hoc and sensor networks, mobility management, and software development for telecommunications systems.

“I believe that there are some wonderful opportunities ahead for TOB working in close collaboration with Implied Logic that will provide mutual benefits for all” — Arthur Morse, Chief International Officer

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam


INVESTAURA Management Consultants is an independent telecom consulting firm founded by senior telecom professionals. It works with the CxOs and senior managers of its clients to help them solve their toughest challenges. Beyond strategy, INVESTAURA is execution and delivery oriented. Its consultants are pragmatic, bring no less than 10 years of professional experience in the industry, and have worked in more than 40 countries worldwide. Its portfolio includes:

  • business intelligence and performance management
  • technology management and operations excellence
  • innovation
  • mergers & acquisitions.

INVESTAURA has developed a particular edge in the area of business intelligence and performance management by combining the best of consulting with the best software platforms available on the market. Its current solutions comprise (1) business planning, (2) budgeting, (3) service costing and profitability analysis, (4) customer lifetime value improvement and (5) churn prediction and customer retention.

“INVESTAURA has been using STEM since 1995 and has leveraged the software platform to build models and business applications that have given an edge to our clients, including both service providers and suppliers.” — Pierre Lurin, Managing Partner

Location: Germany, Middle East, Central America


TelSoft Pty Ltd delivers granular business insight to assist companies, industries and regulators to successfully navigate transitions to the ‘real time’ global economy. TelSoft uses STEM, combined with granular analysis systems, to consult for major telecommunications carriers and regulators. TelSoft uses STEM to develop strategies to enhance profitability.

TelSoft provides customer-centric consultancy services, helping clients to optimise value from their investments in telecommunications networks and services by leveraging expertise in the telecommunications industry, granular data analysis and operations research (OR) techniques. TelSoft specialises in transition management from today’s telecommunications to next generation network (NGN) technology and applications by applying methodology that supports business models based on one-to-one marketing and value chain relationships.

TelSoft’s customised solutions linked to STEM can simulate in real time its clients’ services on wireless and wired broadband and convergent networks, enabling them to monitor and track demand, capacity and costs dynamically, and to improve their risk management of investment plans, pricing strategy and business development through scenario analysis.

“To remain competitive, we can no longer afford to think about our physical and digital infrastructure as separate: they are two sides of a single system. TelSoft provides the technical expertise, methodological know-how and high-speed information processing tools that can be linked to STEM to produce holistic analysis and forward-looking service and platform migration plans.” — Dr Jude de Silva, Managing Director

Location: Australia

Analysys Mason

Analysys Mason provides bespoke consulting services, from detailed and reliable market analysis to improving business performance for clients in over 100 countries around the world. It advises clients on regulatory matters, supports multi-million dollar investments, advises on network performance and recommends commercial partnering options and new business strategies.

Analysys Mason is totally immersed in telecoms, media and technology (TMT): this informs all of its work and underpins its ability to understand the complex workings of TMT industries and draw practical conclusions, based on the specialist knowledge of its people. Analysys Mason also publishes TMT research reports and databases.

“A large proportion of our work involves developing complex financial models and our team of expert modellers regularly uses STEM for such tasks. Combining our industry and modelling expertise with the STEM business-modelling software allows us to develop outstanding solutions for our clients.” — Mark Colville, Manager

Location: Worldwide, with offices in London, Cambridge, Dubai, Dublin, Edinburgh, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, New Delhi, Paris, Singapore and Washington DC

DOK Systeme

The ICT specialists at DOK SYSTEME GmbH have a 25-year record (company founded in 1984) of providing vendor-independent, customer-focused consultancy services primarily in information and communications technology (ICT). DOK pursues a holistic ICT consulting approach that probes deeply into the strategic, technical, legal and organisational aspects of a company’s operations. DOK specialises in the following areas:

  • national and international wide area networks (WANs) for Germany’s top 500 companies
  • carrier infrastructures
  • universal communications projects
  • mobile radio communications
  • ICT procurement
  • project management.

Strategic direction and profitability considerations are increasingly important. To help customers meet these challenges, DOK offers the following priority areas:

  • highly specialised business-case modelling services for ICT solutions
  • ICT strategy definition, process engineering and organisation consulting
  • out-tasking and outsourcing support
  • business analysis of ICT infrastructures and solutions/budget planning
  • process cost calculation and optimisation.

Since 2004, consultants from DOK have conducted business-case analysis and costing work for a series of major ICT projects for various clients worth 12 billion Euros. Manager and co-owner Dr.-Ing. Jan Steuer gives lectures in engineering disciplines, and also holds a lectureship in Business Analysis of Communications Systems at the Communications Engineering Faculty of Hanover’s Leibniz University.

“DOK SYSTEME has employed a methodology toolbox to meet the project requirements of our business and public sector clients, which interworks with STEM as a professional object-oriented business planning software tool for costing and business modelling. This toolbox enables a sophisticated interaction with customers and helps us to focus our clients on real business impacts.” — Dr. Jan Steuer, Managing Partner

Location: Germany


ITCcon GmbH provides independent and results-oriented management consultancy services for the information and communication sector and stakeholder public authorities. Its key areas of consultancy are:

  • business development, with particular concentration on strategy, technology, marketing and processes
  • consulting services for the evolution of telecommunication networks, telecommunication services and applications
  • knowledge and technology transfer from research institutes into the industry.

ITCcon is using STEM in addition to Excel-based models to provide a solid and unique basis for complex requirements for both strategic-planning approaches and cost-modelling of telecommunications networks.

“The critical factors driving our success are deep technical expertise, solid management experience, robust networks, a passion for joint success and a dedicated focus on our own core competencies.” — Elmar Schaff, Partner

Location: Europe

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