Managed hosting

Any STEM model can be prepared for publishing online with a series of simple steps in the STEM Editor. The online logic is generated using the standard Create Web Interface command which is included with Conventional STEM (C-STEM). This logic, together with a copy of the original model, can be uploaded automatically to a server running our Enterprise STEM (eSTEM) software ready for immediate use by your colleagues and clients.

STEM model presented in HTML 5 and running on a remote web server

Our managed hosting service enables you to avoid the hassle of internal IT and run your online models on our tried and tested hosting platform which we can provision in hours and then assure with a seamless support experience. We are responsible for every aspect of the application, from guaranteed uptime of the cloud hardware platform through to installation of the latest software version and even insights into the calculations you are running on it. We also offer a budget hosting service which leaves more of the day-to-day installation and maintenance tasks in your hands. You can compare the pricing for both options in our online store.

The core application-hosting environment

We will provide professionally hosted server infrastructure and Internet connectivity to host STEM models (and separately licensed eSTEM software) to be run from remote web interfaces, provide access for nominated personnel to upload and modify relevant model data files, and make defined tracking data available to nominated contacts.

Optional support and training commitment

We will assist with the upload of new models and the set-up and maintenance of per-model and master configuration files. We will provide coaching to help you take ownership of these tasks over time, if you prefer, and we will manage the investigation, diagnosis and timely resolution of any suspected operational issues.

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