Support services

Technical support is mostly accessed via email, and we contract to provide same business-day response. We also provide hotline support via our switchboard in Cambridge during UK office hours. However, most users prefer to submit detailed written requests by email, or to include screenshots when reporting a fault.

We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards any bugs which interrupt normal use of the software: our existing customers will testify to the priority which bug reports are given, and the promptness with which individual bug fixes are issued.

Our premium technical support extends from advice on advanced software features and fault-finding through to advice on specific modelling issues. We may even provide model fragments where a verbal or written response would be inadequate, although this service does not extend to creating bespoke models or making on-site visits.

Note: for perpetual licence customers, the STEM software annual maintenance fee provides access to technical support and all related software upgrades.

This core support function is backed up by our expert advisory services and a network of consultant partners who can deliver complete STEM-based solutions.

Building on Implied Logic intellectual capital

STEM provides the basic components of business-case modelling in the context of an optimised platform for organisational cost aggregation and scenario modelling. Implied Logic has a rich library of reference models on topics principally from the telecoms sector. These models have been created for marketing purposes at our own cost and represent only a fraction of the insight gained on commercial assignments for service providers and through our technical support contacts with other operators and vendors.

Implied Logic offers a wealth of practical experience and examples from which to seed business-case logic. Our thought leadership and training workshops will kick-start the creation of a library of re-useable business-case components. We provide technical support to the leading modellers who will drive this internal development forwards, building on direct experience and feedback from end users.

The level of contact and influence enjoyed by existing customers is clearly a major benefit of an investment in STEM. Our support services provide direct access to the opinion and output of one of the most experienced and suitably qualified software teams in the field of business planning worldwide.

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