Business-modelling consultancy

Implied Logic promotes a modelling partnership with its clients

As a common follow-on to face-to-face training, and particularly if time is short and your objectives are critical, we recommend working with you on an initial project for a further 2–4 weeks to ensure the maximum knowledge transfer and timely provision of advice and tips beyond the initial setup and into the inevitable sticky areas. From current project experiences around the world, we can vouch for the added value which comes from being in the same room as the customer and being able to see first-hand where they are getting stuck, often before they realise it themselves.

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By identifying regular patterns of specific economic attributes, we de-mystify the most vexing of modelling problems. By framing a model on a flexible and widely endorsed and validated software platform, the majority of time-wasting and distracting coding effort is eliminated. You can focus on the business rules that matter and gain confidence from your colleagues, clients, investors and regulatory bodies by making it quicker and easier for them to audit and understand what you are doing.

Implied Logic experience helping clients to work with STEM

  • A leading wholesale operator in the Asia-Pacific region, set up by a radical and internationally-renowned government initiative, licensed the STEM visual software for the reliable modelling of business as a core platform for creating detailed financial planning models for a mooted national broadband infrastructure, together with a range of scenarios for its future evolution linked to suitable customer and traffic forecasts. In the first project, we provided training and worked with the client to develop an initial modelling framework, including modules for FTTH, wireless and satellite broadband, which could be evaluated across a range of representative geo-types as the initial plans were prepared for the government’s strategic investment deadline. The platform later survived unprecedented scrutiny and audit, following a change of government, and has since been extended to cover a pragmatic range of alternative access technologies such as HFC, FTTN and FTTdp.
  • A well-known equipment vendor has been using STEM since 2010 as a core platform for demonstrating the economic value of its optical transmission and switching products to its service-provider customers worldwide. Implied Logic worked with the solutions team to create some simple but compelling network-transformation models which have had a decisive impact on winning business with several major accounts. The client was an early adopter of eSTEM and is using this platform for publishing business models on the web as a low-resistance point of first engagement for its sales teams to demonstrate the potential value of their solutions before proceeding to adapt these generic models to specific client situations with C-STEM.
  • A global service provider used the STEM network investment tool to model its whole-network costs. An external consultant worked with the client to produce both direct and fully-allocated costings of all services provided on its regional networks across Europe. STEM was a natural choice for these projects because of its intrinsic support for cost-allocation through all levels of the highly complex network business. Analysys Mason trained team members on the STEM modelling process and led the concept development and subsequent implementation of a global network cost model that improved its understanding of product profitability and informed its discounting policy on particular bid decisions for bespoke network solutions.

Achieving a productive outcome

Implied Logic operates a successful programme of follow-up training and expert advisory services, both for modellers and end-users, which accelerates their learning and initial productivity with the STEM software. Key activities include coaching, specification, documentation, workshop facilitation, implementation, extension, optimisation, testing and audit. Not only does this on-site ‘hand-holding’ approach offer the best opportunity to lead a client forward and to ‘see problems coming’, it also increases the pace at which concrete deliverables can be achieved. The motivation of each client group can be thus enhanced, leading to a virtuous circle of satisfaction and results.

Robin Bailey

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