Consulting and sales recruits for 2013

26 October 2012

Implied Logic is very pleased to announce two important appointments. As of 01 October 2012, Frank HAUPT has accepted the position of Consulting Manager, thus increasing our capacity for internal idea development and external solution fulfilment for clients. Renata ZAKOVA will become Sales Manager on 01 January 2013 to lead a more active direct-sales strategy intended to promote recent advances with the STEM platform.

Frank Haupt, Consulting Manager

Building on twenty years’ experience in strategic planning, business case development and evaluation for telecommunications networks, Frank has been working with the STEM software full time for the last ten years in a complex service-cost modelling environment for a large, international operator. Frank has worked closely with the STEM team in that time and has collaborated on several important enhancements to the platform. His recent appointment cements this previously unacknowledged role, bringing a key user perspective to our team.

Frank has started work on a new generation of reference models to showcase the latest features of STEM in relation to the most topical modelling problems. The first of these will be unveiled in January 2013. His deep expertise is also now available to our wider client base through STEM support and more directly funded client projects. In the words of a former client, we are thrilled to have such a ‘safe pair of hands’ on board.

Renata Zakova, Sales Manager

Renata is a former colleague from Analysys Mason where she was previously managing sales of Analysys Research content and supporting consulting initiatives to Central and Eastern Europe, including the German speaking countries. She brings the natural precision and professionalism that comes with this pedigree. She also has experience of training and implementation of financial software from earlier in her career, not to mention being fluent in five languages! So we hope that Renata is quickly going to become a first-class communicator of STEM concepts and ambassador for Implied Logic.

Renata will be responsible for the external presentation of the new reference models being developed by Frank as well as a number of new marketing initiatives which we will publicise next year. With many former clients in common, there are likely to be many renewed acquaintances in due course.

2013 looks like being an exciting year of growth for Implied Logic!

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